We Are Community

"We dream of that day when every person in our community will know an energized London is created and supported equally by 3 pillars. Without a strong, stable and reliable public sector, we cannot be a community. Without an innovative, responsive and vibrant private sector, we cannot be a community. Without a caring, creative and compassionate voluntary sector, we cannot be a community. Without any of these 3 pillars, the community collapses. When these 3 pillars work in collaboration, harmony and mutual respect, the sky will be the limit."

Willy Van Klooster, founding Board Chair, Pillar Nonprofit Networks

A Society 5.0 Platform

Society 5.0 aims to tackle several challenges by going far beyond just the digitalization of the economy towards the digitalization across all levels of the society and the (digital) transformation of society itself. And that has some pretty far-reaching consequences as you’ll read.

We aim change the society enhancing each community, one by one, by:

  • Build on regional and local economic assets and strengths

  • Support business growth, productivity, and innovation

  • Help small- and medium-sized businesses effectively compete in the global marketplace

  • Create a culture of "local market", increasing the idea of belonging in the community

  • Offer quality products from the community to the community

  • Enhance communication channels between small and medium business to develop local supply chains

  • Develop a local market share to assist in response to economic downturns and crisis

Eduardo Valente