Welcome to Knowledge 4.0

"Knowledge consists in the perception of the agreement or disagreement of two ideas. It seems to me, therefore, that knowledge is nothing more than the perception of the connection and agreement, or disagreement and rejection, of any of our ideas." John Locke

By establishing a viable and sustainable connection between people and organizations, the GESHER platform can take your company to Knowledge 4.0, building a bridge between your goals and your success.

Bridging The Gap Between You and The Society

Gesher ( Bridge, in Hebrew ) is a platform developed by Petra that comprehends a wide range of modules and tools, to facilitate the management of Knowledge inside a company.
Based on two models, O2P - Organization To Person, and O2O - Organization To Organization, our intention is to capture, deliver, manage and discover Knowledge in the business environment.


Specific objectives of the platform, based on the O2P model, that addresses the interaction between a person and an organization, are listed as follow:

  • Construction of individual identity in a process-oriented environment

  • Global wide identity by consensus, without the necessity of digital certificates

  • Antifraud architecture

  • Personal data privacy assurance

  • Skill mapping among market, workforce and education

  • Minimum quality assurance in services and processes ( compliance )

  • Real time statistical basis for decision and strategic reports

  • Ethos - Collaborative Perception for Pattern Detection


Specific objectives of the platform, based on the O2O model, that addresses the interaction between organizations, are as follow:

  • Building of the company's network of relationships with other organizations

  • Compliance-native environment

  • Project and Service Portfolio Management

  • Capture expert knowledge and corporate knowledge delivery

  • Guarantee and Commitment

  • Discovery and incorporation of Knowledge

  • Strategic Intelligence

Knowledge, today, is an expensive resource for any business, if not the most valuable. High level professionals are prohibitive for most companies. The GESHER platform proposes to provide an environment where the knowledge of the best experts is made available to your company, at a value that you can afford.

Eduardo Valente